Worcester Music Festival.
Live drawing @ Worcester Arts Workshop.
September 2019.

I carried these two large pre-painted sheets of MDF and an easel to Worcester Arts Workshop, balanced on my head. Feeling strong but incredibly nervous (even though it was my blinking idea!) I set up camp in the sunshine. It took a long time to get in to the flow, My hand felt tight like I was drawing with a much finer pen. It felt really daunting to have a blank canvas in front of me in front of people! As I began to feel defeated I and almost packed it in for the day, I decided to just make shapes with thicker markers and suddenly things started to come together.

Sunday was a much smoother day, I felt I was in the flow having ended the day before on a positive note! I had only the idea in my head that I wanted to draw the crowd and performers, how I was going to do that was decided on the day with the limited materials Iā€™d brought with me.Everyone there was so lush and encouraging. Happy with this first! Looking forward to finishing it.